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Better Communicating 2 (1:1 Coaching)

Analysing YOUR way to say it

Workshop Description

The pandemic gave us a different and more frequent visibility in front of a camera. We are still more exposed to our audience, reducing our possibility to stand up when we deliver our proposals and solutions. In this one hour 1:1 session we will share personal goals and needs in business presentation. A quote says that "We can’t improve if we can’t measure. We can’t measure if we can’t monitor. Learn to monitor and we will improve". Based on this, we will start with the analysis of a self video shared some days with the coach; we will select strengths and recognise comfort zone, in virtual and in face to face backgrounds. We will recognise our visible or emotional developmnent areas. After the session you will receive a private document with customised exercises and practical ideas to embed in your presenting style

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