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Change Management

... without Changing the Management

Workshop Description

Change management is one of the key words today. Do you agree that "What got us here won’t get us there?" Are we able to recognise the week signals or to predict twhen is necessary to change? and above all in a fragile and so complex system are we aware of the different sliding doors, possible opportunity and/or risk? How do we act/react and communicate when the business requires a change? This course maps the change curve concept. Visualising the possible sliding doors will help us to define the pro and cons of a change, managing the impacts and reducing the possible risks. The change curve allows us to appropriate to the leading styles knowledge, training our resilience and understanding the leads to orientate some decisions. This course sets the scene for D2 and D3 courses, giving us the knowledge to understand manage people (D2) and properly communicate our vision (D3).

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