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Change Reactions

Getting ideas out into the open

Workshop Description

How do we cope with the unexpected? How do we embrace the change? Are we able to anticipate how to manage people reacting to the change? Are we able to adapt our communication to their reactions, with resilience and adaptability? The different acronyms we can find today (VUCA, BANI, RAAT) summarize and confirm people's difficulties in the face of changes. In this course we will present possible different profiles and their change reactions. An interactive and engaging way to feel ready to the complexity of human reactions. In these 4 hours we will define these attitudes and the possible "cure" to the reactions. We will intest time understanding if we also react in predictable way. The course will help us to manage reactions, working on our level of communication, helping people to get out of their comfort zone and see the opportunities. This course requires that you have attended D1course

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